February 2017

Dear Readers

Welcome to 2017 and the Newsletter team wish you all a very a happy, healthy and successful one.

In this newsletter, you can read about the latest Train the Foot Trainer course, which took place in Bangkok. The next course planned to take place in Africa this year. We have another picture quiz and commentaries on recent papers, conference report and more.

There will be no product focus this edition of the Newsletter but there is a new item – a recent literature review.

There are some more organisational changes that are currently in progress within the IWGDF and we will report on these in the forthcoming issues once they have been finalised.

I hope you find this issue of the newsletter useful, informative and perhaps stimulating.

I will leave you with a quote from John Kennedy that I gave some thought to as I started 2017

 “Things don’t just happen they are made to happen”

Let us together continue to help reduce the suffering of those with diabetic foot disease.

Neil Baker  
Train the Foot Trainer Bangkok – host impressions

In this section of the newsletter you can read a little about each of the 4Th IWGDF Western Pacific Train the Foot Trainer course that took place in Bangkok 20th -23rd November. It was attended by 60 delegates from 13 countries within the region and had several observers. It was very successful and we hope to hear about its implementation in future more.
Report for Diabetic Foot Study Group Meeting _Stuttgart Germany


In this section, you can read about the DFSG conference that took place in Stuttgart last September. This is conference that occurs every year and although is principally a European conference it attracts delegates and contributors from all over the world. It is worth looking at their website to learn more about them and how to submit an abstract. For presenting authors it is a meeting that is subsidised and a great place for novice researchers to present

… more about the last conference

Commentary on recent papers

Welcome again to this section. Once again  Andy Meyr has searched through some recent publications and chosen several that he thought would be informative, clinically relevant and educational. They include imaging Charcot, infection, the use of felt padding, vascular assessment, etc…….. read more 

4th Train the Foot Trainer program –  observers viewpoint

During the recent TtFT program in Bangkok apart from the 60 delegates from 13 countries we also had several observers who were in attendance as future trainers and to help facilitate the teaching faculty. Professor William Jeffcoate was one of the observers, read what he has to say …

Picture Quiz

We hope you enjoyed this section last time and here is another clinical picture thought provoker. We will be following the same format pretty much each time, so have a look at the photograph, there are some questions to help formulate your thoughts and then try to decide what you would do in the immediate, short and long term. Again there are a few suggestions from the editor at the end to stimulate some thought…

..have a go!


We announced in a previous newsletter that we would be developing collaborative links with the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IPF). We have had some very useful and fruitful discussions and starting to formalise collaborative links with them. We will keep you informed of any progress but in the meantime their Chair Dr Matthew Garoufals explains a little about who FIP-IPF are……read more

Abstract section

This is another new section for the newsletter. We felt that as an addition to the commentary section of recent papers you might like to browse through a recent literature search. So, in this section we have posted about 100 abstracts of recent papers. I am sorry that we cannot provide full papers to download but…..! 

Click here to view the abstracts 


Thank you for reading this edition of the Newsletter and hopefully some of the items will be have been of interest. In the next Newsletter, we will include some news from different regions around the world, an up-date on collaboration with WHO, regular features e.g. paper commentary, picture quiz ……and more. We are looking at ways in which you as readers can be more interactive with us.


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